Sepia tinted memories

A story worth telling

It’s of an Indian couple by the name of Mr and Mrs Bose.

A retired couple, they have never stepped outside kKlkata, been on a flight or ventured outside India.

But, today is different.

They are travelling to Auckland in New Zealand, where their NRI son, a software engineer is settled with his family, working for a multi-national company.

Ketan Desai (Their son) has sent them the flight tickets and they are all set to go, but obviously have butterflies in their stomach…..

What if they miss the flight?

The flight gets delayed?

And there is no one to pick them from the airport?

Ketan can be so forgetful at times.

Or, what if once there, Ketan and Rosha (their daughter-in-law) get so busy at their respective jobs, they are left abandoned at their, away from family and routine and don’t have anything to do?

What if, there are no other Bengali families in Auckland they can exchange woes with?

Ketan used to love the Rui Machar Jhol that his Ma cooked, but would they be able to source the provisions from a local department store?

All the ‘what ifs’ were prying into their heads, until they actually landed in Auckland.

Surprise of surprises, Ketan had thoughtfully sent a TDU executive to pick them up from the airport, drive them safely home, sit with them, discuss and plan their next 15-days itinerary to the Tee, giving them all the OPTIONS, all the CHOICES, available with all the tour operators in New Zealand and Australia, let them select the best of the lost, and in short made their holiday a LIFETIME Event.

Here’s what Mr and Mrs Bose wrote back to TDUĀ  upon their return to India:

“We can’t thank you enough. You gave us our life’s best time. We didn’t feel friendless or strangers in New Zealand.”

And here is what ketan Desai wrote to TDU: “I could have selected any travel or tour operator. But I am glad I selected TDU because you tailored all your services to my parents’ exact Indian requirements.”

Do you have a travel-related story to tell?

We are eager to hear from you.

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