Save Time. Go Online

A stitch in time, saves nine

Booking a business/holiday trip for the chilly winters?

What would you prefer?

Booking online? Or booking through a travel agent?

In this competitive world, time is money. The world has shrunk to the size of a village. People travel to different parts of the globe for a variety of reasons. In this process time is important.

Booking online saves time on routine processes, such as ticketing, booking hotels, accommodation, etc. Smart phones have tangibly changed the we order services and goods across geographies. These days the use of sophisticated big data analytical tools, artificial intelligence, friendly interfaces of an app is in fact enhancing our experience of a branded services in a manner never imagines before.

Earlier, when e-commerce could only be conducted through Internet connection on desktops, things were a tad slow. But the explosion of transactions in m-commerce and the use of the mobile wallet has changed that scenario, altogether.  Today, literally anything can be ordered online at the tap of a few key pads.

There’s still enough headway for growth in the future thanks to the internet and smart phone penetration in rural India. Since the number of Indians traveling overseas is yet low, the potential for growth from a low base is huge. And driving this market is the App-led economy.  Today, a wary traveler has transformed into an informed traveler, breaking all linguistic, geographical barriers.

Travel market now generated 71% of e-commerce in India. This is far ahead of South Korea (19.8%), Brazil (18.2%) and China (14.1%) trailing at rank four in the pecking order.

During this interim, the online travel industry has grown manifold, not just in India but globally.

Worldwide online travel sales volume from 2010 to 2016


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